Dialogue competences

Adopt a learning attitude

We are learning and therefore we should never lose our curiosity and motivation to gain new insights and make new experiences.

Show radical respect 

Respect is more active than tolerance and refers  to the motivation to watch the world from the perspective of other persons.


I am willing to bring openness for new ideas and other perspectives, and open to questioning my personal beliefs as well as society´s belief systems.

Speak from the heart

I speak truly about what is really important to me and not to theorize or to make a „good“ impression.

Listen deeply 

I listen to the other person with empathic openness. To listen deeply is an active process.

Slow down 

To become aware of what is happening in my inner world, to see what are my reactions and what may be the reasons for my – maybe very emotional – reactions.

Suspend assumptions and certainties

it should be possible to observe your own beliefs and prejudices. We observe them from an other (outer) perspective to gain a helpful personal distance.

Embrace the paradox of differences

I becomes aware that we do not live in a world of „black and white“ . From this perspective very seldom there is a clear truth or non-truth – it depends on the perspectives of the viewer.

Observe the observer 

I am observing my own feelings and thoughts.